The story …

Before they fell in love, they were friends.
They sang together, they made each other laugh, they had each other’s backs.
They never went too deep, but always knew.
Some parts of their stories needed to come to an end.
Some bridges needed burning so there was never any way back.
The eagle knocked on her window when he was free.
He was tired and cold.
He had forgotten that he was made of magic and fire and sunlight.
The wolf had forgotten her magic too.
She was a sad wolf, stuck inside and she had forgotten the moon and stars.
It waited for her.
It called for her.
She stood up, and opened the window.
When she saw it, she howled.
She too was free.
And when eagle and the wolf opened their eyes they saw each other.
“Will you walk with me, Eagle?”
“Will you fly with me, Wolf?”

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“Open hearted Americana from smitten Australian duo…Humphreys’ voice is mellifluous throughout…the pair’s sincerity and chemistry makes their first record together beguiling indeed.”
– Rolling Stone

“…a reminder of why Gram and Emmylou’s brief partnership still resonates 40 years on.”

“…their music freely ranging the gamut of roots music, from blues and soul to folk and bluegrass…. exactly the kind of original amalgamation that the Americana genre was invented to provide a home for. Palpably led by instinct, Morris and Humphreys hit a collaborative sweet spot on each and every one of these ten songs, their voices entwined like they were born for that purpose alone.”
– Rhythms Magazine

“Separately Sarah and Kris are two of my favourite singer/songwriters ever but the first time I heard their voices together I was taken to a whole other place! The blend was like nothing I had ever heard before and broke my heart in the most beautiful way”
– Kasey Chambers


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