Rhythms Magazine Review


“Fear not, loves of genuine roots music, Eagle & The Wolf is not another triple j outfit jumping on the animal moniker bandwagon. Far from it, Eagle & The Wolf are about as authentic as contemporary roots music can get, an undeniably unique collaboration between two immensely talented musicians.

Kris Morris and Sarah Humphreys had already established themselves as singer-songwriters before they met and fell in love. Their collaboration follows in the footsteps of those unlikely musical partnerships like Welch and Rawlings, The Mastersons, our own The Yearlings, and Shovels & Rope.

Indeed, on record Eagle & The Wolf are every bit as good as Shovels & Rope on this debut, their music freely ranging the gamut of roots music, from blues and soul to folk and bluegrass…. exactly the kind of original amalgamation that the Americana genre was invented to provide a home for. Palpably led by instinct, Morris and Humphreys hit a collaborative sweet spot on each and every one of these ten songs, their voices entwined like they were born for that purpose alone.

Humphreys’ voice in particular impresses as a versatile instrument, capable of a whispered fragility, plaintive sighs, and formidable power. While less multi-dimensional, Morris’s voice resonates from a deep within, a bluesy purr.

Recorded in an old country farmhouse, the album showcases the duo’s chemistry, but this is not a one-dimensional album. Opening song first single, ‘Mama, Son & The Holy Ghost’ is a sinewy slice of soul-blues with driving drums and electric guitar that compels immediate attention.

At the other extreme, ‘These Nights’ and ‘Bigger Than The Sun’ are sparse and acoustic, showcasing the gentler tones in Humphreys’ voice. In between, we stop at country waltzes ‘Tired And Lost’ (with heart melting harmonies), raw Townes Van Zandt-like ballads like ‘Lost But Not Alone’, and widescreen electric Americana dirges like ‘The Well Is Dry’ and ‘You’ve Got Me’. I’m backing these guys to lead the Aussie charge at the next Americana Festival.”

Rhythms Magazine
March/April 2016