Sydney Morning Herald Review


“Not too shabby at all on their own (see their individual albums from last year, and enjoy), the off-stage partnership of Sarah Humphreys and Kris Morris has merged on stage in a kind of kitchen table supergroup.

Who needs a good radio network playing roots music when this album is available? There’s dirty energy in the soul blues of Mama, Son and the Holy Ghost and classic Texas storytelling in Lost but Not Alone; there’s moody Lucinda Williams-ish desire in The Well is Dry and blue hills harmonising in Tired and Lost; and there’s a nod to doo wop in You’ve Got Me and a reminder of why Gram and Emmylou’s brief partnership still resonates 40 years on, in the heartbreaker country of These Nights.

The nearest connection to this pairing, locally anyway, is the pair of albums Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson made a few years back, but Humphreys and Morris are not as fixed on the hillbilly end of things and, as the skin-on-skin Hips makes clear, they head to the bedroom more than the church stalls.

I could have done with a bit more roughness, a tad more blues, but it’s hardly a deal breaker.”

Sydney Morning Herald
March 29, 2016