Rolling Stone Review



“Open hearted Americana from smitten Australian duo.

Hailing from the swampier, darker side of Australian country music, Sarah Humphreys and Kris Morris have concocted an album that is appropriately sultry and mysterious. Its ten songs benefit from a certain ‘live’ feel, blemishes and all, and an imprecision that is often essential in this genre.

Humphreys’ voice is mellifluous throughout, and on ‘Mama, Son & The Holy Ghost’ she channels an Aretha Franklin-esque soul that belies her alt-country heritage. Morris’s dilapidated croon is an alluring counterpoint, particularly on ‘Lost But Not Alone’, a slow burning ballad.

Though hardly pushing back any frontiers, the pair’s sincerity and chemistry makes their first record together beguiling indeed.”

Rolling Stone
May 2016

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